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Nordic Combined Skiing vs. Cross-Country Skiing – Which one is for you?

“Cross-country skiers live longer.” This popular German saying draws attention to the value many people see in the winter sport of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Indeed, in many lands where winter snow abounds, the winter countryside is often crisscrossed by a grid work of ski trails. In some lands, distances between towns and villages […]

Physical Benefits

Nordic combined skiing is considered to be one of the safest of the popular sports. Although falling can result in minor sprains, serious injuries are rare, and they usually occur only when the cross-country skier ventures into steep terrain and back country. Because the movements involved in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined skiing are so […]

Other fascinating facts

Do you know who the first ever recorded ski jumper actually was? It’s none other than Olaf Rye who was born on November 16, 1791. Olaf was a celebrated Norwegian and Danish major-general military officer. He is well known for influencing the Battle of Fredericia in 1849 which ended the persecution in the town of […]

More on the Origins

Skiing was such an integral and fundamental part of the Norwegians way of life that they even worshiped and honored a ski god and goddess! Today many towns and villages in Norway and Sweden carry the remnants of those bygone pagan beliefs in their names. Why, the very name Scandinavia may refer to the goddess […]

Norwegian Beginnings

Imagine a rough mountainous countryside on a cold winter’s day and a rugged Norwegian Viking on skis hauling his collected wood for his fire. Some people may believe that cross-country skiing or Nordic combined skiing is a current innovation, but it is far from new. Yes, the modern skies we use today actually originated from […]