Other fascinating facts

Do you know who the first ever recorded ski jumper actually was? It’s none other than Olaf Rye who was born on November 16, 1791. Olaf was a celebrated Norwegian and Danish major-general military officer. He is well known for influencing the Battle of Fredericia in 1849 which ended the persecution in the town of Denmark. He ended up dying during the battle and will always be recognized by the Danish as a war hero. Olaf was not only a war champion but also had another talent up his sleeve and that was ski jumping. He claimed the initial credit on being the first ever recorded ski jumper jumping 31 feet through the air in display of his fellow soldiers.

Also, another interesting fact is that Nordics have dominated this sport since its beginning. But this is not really that surprising since it’s been in there history for such a long time. Since the very first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924 Nordic combined individuals have been highlighted in every single game. Truly this sport has been prevailed over by the Finns and Norwegians. There was a turn of events though in 1960 when Georg Toma from Germany took home the gold medal at Squaw Valley Winter Olympics.

Why not add cross-country skiing to your winter experience! “If you can walk, you can ski” is a common catchphrase among cross-country skiers because the movements of the sport are so closely related to walking. While this statement is true to some degree, most of us would benefit immensely from an hour or two spent with a qualified teacher. Ski centers offer private or group lessons, and in a short while, the novice can learn the fundamentals of skiing cross-country—cruising the flats, skiing uphill, negotiating downhill’s and, of course, maybe a jump or two! Once shown these basic skills, most people are equipped to go out and tackle the terrain.

“Nothing hardens the muscles and makes the body so strong and elastic,” said Fridtjof Nansen in 1890 regarding cross-country skiing. Perhaps you too would enjoy the sport. It could very well add excitement to your winter experience or you could go watch some professionals in the Nordic combined skiing sport. It truly is fascinating to either watch or take part in.